Pair of Mid-Century Wooden Benches
Kinetic Geometric Copper Sculpture by Launy Christensen
Abstract Geometric Metal Sculpture by Ludwig Dinnendahl
Mid-Century Monastery Dining Tables
Brass Console Table by Peter Ghyczy
Iconic Coat Rack by E. Sottsass for Olivetti
Iconic Coat Rack by E. Sottsass for Olivetti
Pair of Side Table by Maison Baguès
Aggregate Table Lamp by Giancarlo Fassina and Enzo Mari.
Iconic Typewriter Valentine by E. Sottsass for Olivetti
Murano Glass Conch Shell Bowl attr. to A. Barbini
Murano Glass Shell Bowl attr. to A. Barbini
Crystal Vase by Daum France
Crystal Bowl by Daum, France
Funny Pop Art Table Lamp
Brutalist Octogonal Coffee Table attr. to Paul Kingma
Rare Cubist Side Table
Set of 4 Cesca B64 Dining Chairs by Marcel Breuer for Thonet
Maison Jansen Two-Tier Side Table
Original Vintage Children’s Chair Casalino by A. Begge
Vintage Fiberglass Armchair by Charles and Ray Eames
Diamond Coffee Table by Knut Hesterberg for Ronald Schmitt
Nesting Tables by Maison Baguès
Decorative BAF Belgian Air Force Helmet from the 1960s
Amazing Pendant Castle Candle Holder
Organic Ceramic Bowl by Annie Palisot
1940s Children’s Chair
Impressive XL Blue Vase of the 1970s
Mathieu Mathégot Style Side Table
Large Ceramic Bowl by Amphora
1980s Italian Floor Lamp
Easy Chair by Preben Fabricius for Arnold Exclusiv
Rare Periscopio Floor Lamp by Danilo & Corrado Aroldi for Stilnovo
Pyramid Chair by Wim Rietveld for De Cirkel
Extraordinary White Murano Glass Floor Lamp
Servofumo by A. Castiglioni for Zanotta
Ceramic Bar with Bar Stools
Roger Capron
Modernist Side Table by René Herbst for Stablet, France
Asymmetrical Sunburst Mirror
Set of 6 CAB Chairs by Mario Bellini for Cassina
Elliptical Sunburst Mirror by Deknudt
Dynamic Spray Sculpture by Harry Bertoia
Decorative Vintage Wooden Ball
XL Cylindric Brutalist Perignem Vase
1960s Sputnik Chandelier with Glass Floral Shades
Dynamic Sunburst Convex Mirror
Mid-Century Minimal Vase by Joost Maréchal
Elegant Oxidized Copper Table Lamp
Small Sunburst Mirror
Square Blue Ceramic Coffee Table by Pia Manu
Nickel Cased Rolex British Military Pocket Watch
1960s Chrome Sputnik Chandelier
Decorative Silver and Gold Colored Bird Table Lamp
Dandelion Chandelier by Emil Stejnar for Rupert Nikoll
Special Ceramic Vanitas Sculpture
Minimal Circular Wall or Ceiling Lamps
Minimal Black Metal Mirror
Dynamic Sunburst Mirror
Exclusive table lamp by Max Sauze
Colorful Set of Wooden Toy Cubes
Brutalist Cast Iron Fire Set
Art Deco Polychrome Earthenware Table Lamp for Boch Keramis
Set of 6 Alfred Hendrickx S2 Dining Chairs
Special Ethnic Vase by Perignem
Brass Flower Table Lamp by Maison Jansen
Jugendstil Matchbox Holder by Ignatius Taschner
Impressive Italian Ceramic Table Lamp
Pair of Septieme Wall Lamps for Raak
Magnificent Dining Table T4 by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
Panamarenko – Model Kit – Vliegend Eiland
Fun Chandelier 12 DM by Verner Panton for Lueber
Butterfly Chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen
Set of 3 Seahorse Ceramic Wall Sculptures by Amphora
French Ceramic Bird Vase
Black AJ Royal Pendant Lamp by Arne Jacobsen for Louis Poulsen
Abstract Woman’s Head Vase
Elegant Ceramic Vase by Perignem
Desk Lamp by L. Kalff for Philips, 1955
Mid-Century Magazine Rack by Bois Manu
Philips Desk Lamp by Louis Kalff, 1955
Square Murano Glass Wall Lamps
Mini-Box Wall Lamp by Gae Aulenti for Stilnovo
Jugendstil Cigar Cutter by Ignatius Taschner
Set of Elegant Ceramic Vases by Perignem
Prussian Spike Helmet or Pickelhaube
Desk Lamp by L. Kalff for Philips, 1955
Philips Desk Lamp by Louis Kalff, 1955
Aluminum Wall Lamp
Jules Wabbes
Rare XXL Dorra Rock Shaped Lamp by André Cazenave for Atelier A
Maison Baguès Gilded Iron Side Table, Interbellum
Large Dorra Rock Shaped Lamp by André Cazenave for Singleton, Italy
Dynamic Table Lamp of the 1960s
Sculptural Wall Lamp attr. to Reggiani, Italy
Pair of Rock Shaped Lamps by André Cazenave for Atelier A
Ceramic Coffee Pot and Sugar Bowl by Alessandro Mendini for Alessi Tendentse
Pair of Metric Lamps by Gaetano Sciolari
Pair of Small Metric Lamps by Gaetano Sciolari
Bar Set by Luigi Massoni and Carlo Mazzeri for Alessi.
Set of 3 Bowls – Country Club – by Stephan Winteroy for Wiskemann
Silver Set of Salt, Pepper and Flour Shakers
Antique Napoleon III Boulle Desk
19th Century
Mobile Desk Lamp by Jacques Charpentier
Antique Metal Trunk
18th Century
Extraordinary Anglo-Indian Carved Chair
Large Wall Sculpture of Sailboats
Curtis Jere, 1977
Impressive Anglo-Indian Throne
Mid-Century Leather and Ceramic Tobacco Jar
Longchamp, France
Extendable Dining Table
Alfred Hendrickx, Belform
Mid-Century Black and Brass Desk Lamp
Moon Light Sculpture
Ara Table Lamp
Philippe Starck, Flos
Dynamic Sculpture EVA
Otto Monestier, 1972
Minimalist Chromed Table Lamp
‘Nomadic’ Sintesi Floor Lamp
Ernesto Gismondi, Artemide
Large Murano Ceiling Lamp
Rare Fun Floor Lamp
Verner Panton, Lüber
Beautiful Murano Pendant Lamp
Elegant Vitrine Cabinet
Alfred Hendrickx, Belform
Round Dining Table Cugino
Enzo Mari, Driade
Large Vase Orkidea by Timo Sarpaneva for Iitalla, 1957
Pantop Table Lamp
Verner Panton
Abstract Metal Sculpture
Nico Betjes, 1976
Unique Glass Globe Chandelier by Raak
Round White Tulip Coffee Table
Eero Saarinen, Knoll Int.
Old Industrial Drafting Table
Magnificent Aluminium Table Lamp
Henri Mathieu
Illuminated Standing Mirror Le Mirophar
Brot Miroir, Paris
Brutalist Copper Bowl
Art Nouveau Flower Shaped Jewel Trays
Hugo Leven, Kayser & Sohn
Antique Industrial Drafting Table
Brass and Agate Coffee Table
Marc D’Haenens
Abstract Organic Wooden Sculpture
Cobra Table Lamp
Elio Martinelli, Martinelli Luce
Decorative Amethyst Table Lamp
Extendable Dining Table
Alfred Hendrickx, Belform
Large Dorra Rock Shaped Lamp
André Cazenave
Set of Murano Glass Lamps
Carlo Nason, Mazzega
White Glass Pendant Lamp
attr. to Vilhelm Wohlert, Louis Poulsen
Impressive Sculptural Chandelier by Gaetano Sciolari
Magic Visor Moon Lamp
Verner Panton, Louis Poulsen
Large Garrigue Coffee Table
Roger Capron
1960s Sputnik Chandelier with Glass Floral Shades
Coffee Table 70 by Alvar Aalto for Artek
Tornado Pendant Light – Model 1770 – by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli Luce
Result chair by Friso Kramer and Wim Rietveld for Ahrend de Cirkel
Chique Sputnik Chandelier by Val Saint Lambert
Rare Pair of Polychrome Vases by Charles Catteau and Jan Wind for Boch Keramis, 1934
Rare Black Result Chair by Friso Kramer for Ahrend De Cirkel, 1950s
Large Extraordinary sideboard by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
Rare Square Collage Wall Lamp by Willem Van Oyen for Raak
Desk and Drafting Table by F. Kramer en W. Rietveld for Ahrend De Cirkel
Set of 10 Vintage Wooden Bowling Pins
Set of 10 Zinc Geometric Models
Ceiling Lamp by Franco Albini for Sirrah
Porcelain Sculpture of a Walking Tiger
Ceramic Lion by Emiel Laskaris
Chandelier 2097/30 by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce
Minimalist French Pendant Lamp
Chandelier FUN 10 DM by Verner Panton for VERPAN
Bauhaus Tea Egg by Chistian Dell
Pair of Minimalist Easy Chairs
Georges Van Rijk, Beaufort
Decorative Tulip Table Lamp by Rougier
Set of 6 Coquillage Stacking Chairs by P. Guariche for Meurop
Large Polychrome Art Deco Vase by Legras
Stylish Ice Bucket by Aldo Tura
Cute Turtle Bell of the 1960s
Chandelier Model 2097/30 by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce
Serving Tray in the manner of Mathieu Matégot
Mid-Century Gloster Meteor Sculpture
La Basilica 451 Dining Table by Mario Bellini for Cassina
Mid-Century Desk Lamp in the manner of Arredoluce
Classical Wall Lamp by Felix Agostini
Console Side Tables attr. to Willy Van Der Meeren
Special Desk by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
PK71 Set of Nesting Tables by Poul Kjaerholm for E. Kold Christensen, 1957.
Geometric Side Table by Henning Norgaard for Komfort, Denmark
Fun 2 WM Wall Lamp by Verner Panton for Lueber
Art Nouveau Vase by Victor de Winner, Liège, Belgium
Art Nouveau Hand-Painted Table Lamp by Victor de Winner
Prefacto Side Table by Pierre Guariche for Trefac
Delfo Mirror by Sergio Mazza for Artemide
Stylish Table Lamp in the manner of Roger Vanhevel
Organic Teak Highboard by Louis Van Teeffelen for Webe
Magic Agate Table Lamp by Willy Daro
Pair of Murano Glass Paperweights by A. Barbini
Minimalist Chrome Desk Lamp by Abo Randers
Brass Sculpture with Mineral Pyrite Stone by Willy Daro
Exclusive Table Lamp by Fernand Dresse
Black Geometric Sideboard by De Coene, Belgium
Spider Table or Wall Lamp of the 1970s
Chrome Pelota Desk Lamp by C. Casati and E. Ponzio for Lamperti
Pair of Early Dorra Rock Shaped Lamp by A. Cazenave for Atelier A
Unique Brass Ceiling lamp by Jules Wabbes, 1969
Impressive Square Messing Mirror
Pair of White Glass Bird Sculptures by Livio Seguso for Seguso A.V.
Murano Mushroom Table Lamp
Set of 10 Dining Chairs by Borge Mogensen for C.M. Madsens Fabrikker, Denmark
Gilded Forged Iron Coffee Table by René Drouet
Alu Chair by Charles & Ray Eames for Herman Miller
Bird Wall Sculpture by Amphora
Desk Chair F1 by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
F1 Armchair by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
T2 Tangram Side Table by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax, 1954
F1 Armchair by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
Rare Table Lamp by Christophe Gevers
Exclusive Dining Table by Willy Van Der Meeren for the HBK Building
Chair A by Lucien Engels, 1957
Pair of Gold Colored Aluminum Wall Lamps by Jules Wabbes
Brutalist White Ceramic Table Lamp by Willy Meysmans
Rare Children’s Desk by Willy Van der Meeren for Tubax
Brutalist Black Ceramic Vase by Perignem, 1970s
Red Ceramic Vase by Perignem
Constructivist Sideboard by Pieter de Bruyne for Al Meubel, 1959
Ceramic Sculpture by Elie Van Damme for Amphora, ca. 1960.
Gold Colored Aluminum Wall Lamp by Jules Wabbes
Constructivist Cabinet by Pieter De Bruyne for Al Meubel, 1959
Impressive Large Ceramic Bowl by Rogier Vandeweghe for Amphora
Art Deco Earthenware Vase by Charles Catteau for Boch Keramis
Rare Low White Desk by Jules Wabbes
Large Black Ceramic Table Lamp by Baudouin Monteyne
Minimal Desk CM 174 by Pierre Paulin for Trefac, Belgium
Red Ceramic Bottle-Shaped Vase by Perignem
Giant Art Nouveau Mirror with Console attr. to Gustave Serrurier-Bovy
Soliflore Vase by Jean Keup for Op Der Millen
Industrial Floor Lamp by Narita, 1950s
Unique Stool by Gaston Eysselinck
Colorful Ceramic Wall Sculpture by Elisabeth Vandeweghe for Perignem
Small Kidney-Shaped Side Table by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
Pair of Luzette Pendant Lamps by Peter Behrens for Siemens
Pendant Lamp by Otto Müller for Sistrah
Impressive Industrial Wooden Drafting Table
Glass Pendant Lamp by Otto Mueller for Sistrah Licht
RDF – Range and Direction Finding Radar of WWII
Old Deckchair No. 404 by W.H. Gispen
Desk Lamp by L. Kalff for Philips, 1955
Flex Floor Lamp by E. Martinelli for Martinelli Luce
Unique Industrial Desk Lamp
Brass and Stone Coffee Table for Fedam attr. to Paul Kingma
Set of 6 Brutalist Aluminum Candleholders
Old VAT 69 Blended Scotch Whisky Lamp
Table Lamp – GULP – by Ingo Maurer for Design M
Table Lamp – PRIX – by Ingo Maurer for Design M
Geometric Marble Table Lamp
Minimal Black & White Desk Lamp by L. Kalff for Philips
Minimal Table Lamp of the 1970s
Glass Coffee Table 700 by Preben Fabricius
Pinocchio Table Lamp by H. Busquet for Hala Zeist
Brutalist Wall Sculpture by Henrik Horst
Brutalist Wall Sculpture by Henrik Horst, Denmark
Iconic Bar Stool by Charlotte Perriand
Decorative Gold Plated Wooden Floor Lamp
Dalu Table Lamp by Vico Magistretti for Artemide
Geometric Walnut Sculpture
Bronze Abstracted Tree Sculpture
Elegant Black Wooden Chiavari Chair
Cube Table Lamp Uranus by Max Sauze
Black Marble and Brass Table Lamp
Rare Transparent UTEN.SILO II by Dorothee Maurer-Becker
Decorative Ceramic Flower Wall Sculpture by Perignem and Paul Vermeire
Industrial Adjustable Side Table
Sculptural Black Plastic Floating Shelf by Nani Prina
Set of 4 Industrial Stools
Set of 6 Industrial Stools
Decorative Ceramic Geometric Wall Sculpture
Construction of low tables and benches by Ate Van Apeldoorn
Red & Blue Chair by Gerrit Rietveld for Cassina
Impressive Brass and Crystal Table Lamp in the manner of Willy Daro
Impressive Brass Coffee Table by Peter Ghyczy
Bronze Mortar and Pestle
Pair of Cylindric Wall Lamps by Lyfa
Old Wooden Stool
White Cartoccio Vase designed by Pietro Chiesa for Fontana Arte
Elegant Brass and Agate Sculpture in the manner of Claude Lalanne
Exclusive Coffee Table with Travetine Top
Great Plant Stand – Albero – by Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta, 1982
Pair of White Perspex Lighted Plant Pots, 1970s
Gold Coloured Pendant Lamp by Max Sauze
Impressive Brutalist Aluminum Candelabra for Aluclair, Belgium
Large Brutalist Aluminum Candle Holder for Aluclair, Belgium
Trio of Brutalist Aluminum Candle Holders by Aluclair, Belgium
Impressive Pair of Black Brutalist Sideboards
Black and Ochre Vase by A. Lampecco
Magnificent Table Lamp by Carlo Nason for Mazzega
Ceramic Table Lamp by Rosenthal Studio Linie, 1970s
High Quality Brutalist Sideboard on a Bluestone Base
High Quality Brutalist Sideboard on a Bluestone Base
Small Pendant Lamp by Otto Müller for Sistrah
Original Bauhaus Kaiser Idell Pendant Lamp by Christian Dell
Floor Lamp in the manner of Carlo Nason for Mazzega
Exclusive Table Lamp Aperix by Jacques Charles for Maison Charles
Solid Brass Coffee Table of the 1970s
Large Pia Manu Tile Coffee Table, 1960s
Rare Crystal Glass Globe Pharmacy Vase by Val Saint Lambert
Brass Side Table by Jean Charles, Paris
Sunburst Mirror
Tugendhat Coffee Table by L. Mies van der Rohe for Knoll Int.
Topo Floor Lamp by Joe Colombo for Stilnovo, 1970
Easy Chair by Madsen & Schubell for Bovenkamp, 1960
Luxurious Black Leather Desk Set attributed to Jacques Adnet
Sculptural Murano Glass Vase of the 1970s
Brass Side Table by Peter Ghyczy
Large Table Lamp 600g by Gino Sarfatti for Arteluce
Extraordinary Cabinet by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
1970s Low Bamboo Stool
Round Gilt Mirror
Elegant Vase of the Workshop of Accolay
1950s Coffee Table in the manner of Gio Ponti
Tea Set by the Belgian Ceramist Marcellus Aubry
Square Industrial Table
Black & White Industrial Modernist Desk Lamp
Red Copper Art Deco Floor Lamp
Tile side table of the 1950s
Art Deco – Amsterdamse School – Coat Stand
Special Serving Tray by Mathieu Matégot
Murano Glass Pendant Lamp by Alessandro Pianon for Vistosi, 1962
Leather Bull Footstool by Dimitri Omersa
1970s Brutalist Wall Sculpture
Set of 4 Country Club Bowls by Stephan Winteroy for Wiskemann
Metal Letter Holder by Wim Rietveld
Wall Lamp by Angelo Mangiarotti for Vistosi
Giogali Chandelier by Angelo Mangiarotti for Vistosi
Solid Industrial Folding Table
Strong Industrial Folding Table
Sofa 2218 by Borge Mogensen for Fredericia Stolefabrik
Minimal Wall Lamp
Murano Glass Fiamme Chandelier by Mazzega
1950s Floor Lamp
.06 Lounge Chair by Maarten Van Severen for Vitra, 2005
Pair of Multicoloured Vases by Roger Capron, 1950s
Exclusive Chair Techno by Philippe Starck for Presence Paris/ L’Oréal
Exclusive Hanging Lamp by Fontana Arte, 1964
Willy Ceysens Brutalist Aluminium Candle Holder
Armchair by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller
Coconut Chair by George Nelson for Vitra
Aluminium Group Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Eames for Vitra
Handmade Leather Medicine Balls
Exclusive Brutalist Bronze Coffee Table
Fiberglass Side Chairs by Ch. & R. Eames for Herman Miller
1960s Impressive Ceramic Vase with Bucolic Landscape
Dot Stool by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen
Set of 8 Dining Chairs by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
1960s Sideboard by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
1950s Viking Chandelier by Svend Aage Holm Sorensen
1950s Dining Table attributed to Alfred Hendrickx
Pair of 1950s stools
Drop Pendant Lamp by U. & O. Kristiansson for Luxus, Sweden
Pelota Desk Lamp by C. Casati and E. Ponzio for Lamperti
Set of 4 Stackable S Chairs by Verner Panton for Herman Miller, 1973
Glass Chandelier by Nanny Still McKinney for Raak
Pair of 1960s Ceramic Vases by Perignem
Willy Ceysens Aluminium Brutalist Wall Sculpture
Desk Lamp by Robert Haussmann for Swiss Lamps International
Katiuscia Table Lamp by Gianni Celada for Fontana Arte Studio
Vase Kantarelli by Tapio Wirkkala for Iittalla, 1953
Bauhaus Idell Desk Lamp by Christian Dell
Belgian Ceramic Candle Holder, 1967
Minimal Dining Table by Frans Vanhoutte for Top Mouton
1960s Chrome Pendant Lamp
Italian Art Deco Sculpture by Manna Torino
Glass Pendant Lamp by Peill & Putzler
Pair of Art Deco Table Lamps
Minimal Floor Lamp of the 1970s
Coffee Table by Horst Brüning for Kill International
Cube Pendant Lamp by Max Sauze
Magnolia Wall or Ceiling lamp by Sergio Mazza for Quattrifolio
Perignem Vase
Porcelain Sculpture of a kneeling woman by Ronzan, made in Italy
‘Faux bois’ Ceramic Set by Grandjean Jourdan for Vallauris
Set of minimal side tables in black and white
Brutalist metal sculpture of the 1970s
Sintesi wall lamp by E. Gismondi for Artemide
Gibigiana table lamp by A. Castiglioni for Flos
1950s table lamps
Quarto wall lamp by T. Scarpa for Flos
Ceramic sculpture by E. Vandeweghe for Perignem
Bowl by André Baud, Vallauris
Set of 2 special Tomado racks
Little red 50ties dining table
Tubism tile painting of the 70ties
Rosewood Hanging Cabinet by V-form
Vallauris ceramic candle holder by Marius Giuge
Silver candle holder by Bertil Vallien for Dansk
Side table in chrome and wood
Pair of Minimal Aluminum Candle Holders
Kilta Bowls by Kaj Franck for Arabia
Book shelf by Paolo Pallucco for Pallucco
Lino Sabattini bowl



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