Etched Brass Coffee Table by Daniel Dhaeseleer
Amazing Floor Standing Studio Lamp by Narita
Bar Cabinet ‘Paola’ by Oswald Vermaercke for V-Form
Mid-Century Monastery Dining Tables
Decorative BAF Belgian Air Force Helmet from the 1960s
Organic Ceramic Bowl by Annie Palisot
1940s Children’s Chair
Impressive XL Blue Vase of the 1970s
Large Ceramic Bowl by Amphora
Elliptical Sunburst Mirror by Deknudt
XL Cylindric Brutalist Perignem Vase
Dynamic Sunburst Convex Mirror
Mid-Century Minimal Vase by Joost Maréchal
Square Blue Ceramic Coffee Table by Pia Manu
Special Ceramic Vanitas Sculpture
Dynamic Sunburst Mirror
Art Deco Polychrome Earthenware Table Lamp for Boch Keramis
Set of 6 Alfred Hendrickx S2 Dining Chairs
Special Ethnic Vase by Perignem
Panamarenko – Model Kit – Vliegend Eiland
Set of 3 Seahorse Ceramic Wall Sculptures by Amphora
Elegant Ceramic Vase by Perignem
Mid-Century Magazine Rack by Bois Manu
Set of Elegant Ceramic Vases by Perignem
Aluminum Wall Lamp
Jules Wabbes
Set of 3 Bowls – Country Club – by Stephan Winteroy for Wiskemann
Extendable Dining Table
Alfred Hendrickx, Belform
Elegant Vitrine Cabinet
Alfred Hendrickx, Belform
Brass and Agate Coffee Table
Marc D’Haenens
Abstract Organic Wooden Sculpture
Extendable Dining Table
Alfred Hendrickx, Belform
Chique Sputnik Chandelier by Val Saint Lambert
Rare Pair of Polychrome Vases by Charles Catteau and Jan Wind for Boch Keramis, 1934
Large Extraordinary sideboard by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
Set of 10 Zinc Geometric Models
Ceramic Lion by Emiel Laskaris
Pair of Minimalist Easy Chairs
Georges Van Rijk, Beaufort
Set of 6 Coquillage Stacking Chairs by P. Guariche for Meurop
Console Side Tables attr. to Willy Van Der Meeren
Special Desk by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
Art Nouveau Vase by Victor de Winner, Liège, Belgium
Art Nouveau Hand-Painted Table Lamp by Victor de Winner
Prefacto Side Table by Pierre Guariche for Trefac
Magic Agate Table Lamp by Willy Daro
Brass Sculpture with Mineral Pyrite Stone by Willy Daro
Exclusive Table Lamp by Fernand Dresse
Black Geometric Sideboard by De Coene, Belgium
Unique Brass Ceiling lamp by Jules Wabbes, 1969
Bird Wall Sculpture by Amphora
Desk Chair F1 by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
F1 Armchair by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
T2 Tangram Side Table by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax, 1954
F1 Armchair by Willy Van Der Meeren for Tubax
Rare Table Lamp by Christophe Gevers
Exclusive Dining Table by Willy Van Der Meeren for the HBK Building
Chair A by Lucien Engels, 1957
Pair of Gold Colored Aluminum Wall Lamps by Jules Wabbes
Brutalist White Ceramic Table Lamp by Willy Meysmans
Rare Children’s Desk by Willy Van der Meeren for Tubax
Brutalist Black Ceramic Vase by Perignem, 1970s
Red Ceramic Vase by Perignem
Constructivist Sideboard by Pieter de Bruyne for Al Meubel, 1959
Ceramic Sculpture by Elie Van Damme for Amphora, ca. 1960.
Gold Colored Aluminum Wall Lamp by Jules Wabbes
Constructivist Cabinet by Pieter De Bruyne for Al Meubel, 1959
Impressive Large Ceramic Bowl by Rogier Vandeweghe for Amphora
Art Deco Earthenware Vase by Charles Catteau for Boch Keramis
Rare Low White Desk by Jules Wabbes
Large Black Ceramic Table Lamp by Baudouin Monteyne
Minimal Desk CM 174 by Pierre Paulin for Trefac, Belgium
Red Ceramic Bottle-Shaped Vase by Perignem
Giant Art Nouveau Mirror with Console attr. to Gustave Serrurier-Bovy
Soliflore Vase by Jean Keup for Op Der Millen
Industrial Floor Lamp by Narita, 1950s
Unique Stool by Gaston Eysselinck
Colorful Ceramic Wall Sculpture by Elisabeth Vandeweghe for Perignem
Small Kidney-Shaped Side Table by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
Impressive Industrial Wooden Drafting Table
Set of 6 Brutalist Aluminum Candleholders
Decorative Ceramic Flower Wall Sculpture by Perignem and Paul Vermeire
Old Wooden Stool
Pair of White Perspex Lighted Plant Pots, 1970s
Impressive Brutalist Aluminum Candelabra for Aluclair, Belgium
Large Brutalist Aluminum Candle Holder for Aluclair, Belgium
Trio of Brutalist Aluminum Candle Holders by Aluclair, Belgium
Impressive Pair of Black Brutalist Sideboards
Black and Ochre Vase by A. Lampecco
High Quality Brutalist Sideboard on a Bluestone Base
High Quality Brutalist Sideboard on a Bluestone Base
Large Pia Manu Tile Coffee Table, 1960s
Rare Crystal Glass Globe Pharmacy Vase by Val Saint Lambert
Extraordinary Cabinet by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
Tea Set by the Belgian Ceramist Marcellus Aubry
Set of 4 Country Club Bowls by Stephan Winteroy for Wiskemann
.06 Lounge Chair by Maarten Van Severen for Vitra, 2005
Willy Ceysens Brutalist Aluminium Candle Holder
1960s Sideboard by Alfred Hendrickx for Belform
1950s Dining Table attributed to Alfred Hendrickx
Pair of 1960s Ceramic Vases by Perignem
Willy Ceysens Aluminium Brutalist Wall Sculpture
Belgian Ceramic Candle Holder, 1967
Perignem Vase
Ceramic sculpture by E. Vandeweghe for Perignem
Rosewood Hanging Cabinet by V-form



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